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Administrative Features

Data Security

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How secure is your current resident care data?

Our state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant, Microsoft Azure data security and transfer capabilities provide unmatched data security for your resident care records.


Custom Levels of Care

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Are you tracking and covering all your resident care costs?

AL Advantage allows you to create customized Levels of Resident Care for timely and accurate invoicing and effective staffing allocation.


User Accounts

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Are you concerned about paying too much for your software user fees?

Your AL Advantage subscription allows for unlimited user accounts to be created within each community. Just one more way that you can save money and increase profits.

Care Level Change Emails

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Does your Accounting department or management team miss critical changes in resident care that can negatively impact accurate and timely invoicing?

AL Advantage allows you to automatically and immediately email key staff every time an Assessment change impacts a resident’s Level of Care. This ensures that invoicing information is adjusted in real time. Residents are accurately billed for your services provided.

This feature brings in justified core revenues that easily cover monthly AL Advantage subscription fees many times over.


State Compliance Tools

State Compliance Inspectors

Is it challenging to keep your state care reporting compliances up-to-date?

Don’t risk getting state licensing penalties or impacting your license status. Face your next audit with certainty and stay on top of your residents’ needs.

With AL Advantage compliance reports, you’ll always know which residents are due for reassessment and other regulatory requirements. State-approved content, customizable text and deadline reminders keep caregivers “current” with all your state care compliance requirements.


User Access Levels

Software User Login

Does your community’s resident care data access require management approval and oversight?

AL ADVANTAGE software allows controlled user access for Community and Regional Management, System Administrators, Standard Users and “Med Techs”.

Access to various modules and communities within the AL Advantage platform can be granted or restricted based on specific User Access Levels, which provides you with more control over your resident data.

Community Snapshot

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Are you looking for a real-time snapshot of your resident community data?

The first screen you will see after logging in is your Community Snapshot (Dashboard). This screen displays key clinical care metrics, as well as links to related reports and detailed data. You’ll find that this screen provides your team with critical information to monitor and meet resident needs quickly.


Expert Support

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Where can you get resident care software support when you need it?

AL Advantage prides itself on our timely, expert software support. We offer helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) on our website and reasonable 24/7/365 phone and email support. We also send email updates announcing new software features to enhance your team effectiveness.


Cloud-based Delivery

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Do you need to access your care data or create reports while off site?

AL Advantage provides access to your care management software and secure resident data with web-based delivery to any internet connected device 24/7/365 from within your community, at home, or on the go. Our SSL-secured cloud-based platform provides real-time interaction whenever the need arises.

Resident Archives

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Does your current system allow resident care data to be preserved and easily retrieved?

Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, secure platform is designed so archived resident records can be accessed quickly and easily. Previous residents’ specific data is never deleted, so always available for later retrieval.

Use the software designed BY care experts FOR caregiver success.